About this Blog

Having a child is a life changing event. It can change you physically, mentally and emotionally. For many, this is the first time they will consistently put the needs of another above their own - on a daily basis! You will meet new people, face new challenges and make new friends. As a parent you will re-asses your values, and question your beliefs.

Which is why, when you emerge from the initial 'baby fog' you may no longer recognise the person you have become - and feel a little lost outside the parenting bubble.

This blog aims to help every mum on her journey to combine her parenting life with all the other aspects of her world. To be a mother you need energy, self-confidence and the ability to love unconditionally - precious resources that can easily wear thin.

AHappyHealthyMummy.com aims to bring you a wealth of information to help and inspire you while you nurture your offspring. This blog wants to ensure you stay well, on top of things AND that you still make time for yourself. Every mummy deserves to be happy and healthy.

To learn a bit more about Vanessa and her blog, watch this interview with Talk Oxford TV:


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