Wednesday, 5 September 2018

New (school) year resolutions!

Time to set your goals
Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash
Resolutions in January are so old school! Make the start of this academic year the time you set and achieve new goals in health and fitness. 

With the kids back at (or maybe even just starting) school, September is a great time to have a think about what healthy habits you'd like to put in place as we head into those shorter days and towards Christmas (there I said it!). Yes the shorts are packed away and the hotel pool is just a distant memory, but instead of tucking into comfort food and spending your spare time on the sofa, use Autumn to re-assess what you'd like to do to really end 2018 on a high.

Take in the whole picture

The fitness industry is forever telling us what the new trend is - and that means everything from rave classes to yoga with goats! But one new approach that's based on more than a soundbite is looking at both your physical and mental well being at the same time.

This applies to the new UNITY program from personal trainer Julia Buckley. It combines calorie-torching cardio and lean muscle building with elements of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Julia promises that as well as transforming your body, her program will allow you to make meaningful changes for life and take care of what’s going on in your head. When you sign up you'll receive loads of downloadable materials and personal coaching via Facebook. For more info head over here for the FAQ.  

Beat the blues

Remember to eat well in winter
Photo by Jo Sonn on Unsplash
It's easy to feel a bit deflated once the summer is on the wane, once the kids are back to school, there's loads to fit in again, but energy levels start to flag as we see less sunlight and temperatures start to dip. It's just as important to stick to healthy eating even if swimsuit season is over - so make sure you're getting enough essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. Several of the supermarkets now have meal planning pages to help you organise your food shop. I like the ones here from Good Housekeeping as there's plenty of variety. 

You could also consider taking a supplement specifically designed to help with energy levels and the immunity system. The Swiss Dr.D√ľnner brand uses herbal ingredients to create liquids, capsules and creams to help your digestive health, the immune system, your muscles and joints and nerves and brain function. 

Another great way to maintain your health is getting a decent night's sleep. Easy right? Not so much. The Sleep Council recently found 30 per cent of people sleep poorly most nights. But getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental and physical health, quality of life and safety.

I've written about Seasonal Affective Disorder before - and have plenty of tips to aid sleep on my blog here. I love my Lumie lights - and using one really helps my younger daughter switch off and then rise and shine in the morning. Heaven knows, getting the house ready for school can be stressful enough without a grumpy child! 

And what can you do to ensure you get enough shut eye? The most recent advice to hit the headlines is the US army method that is guaranteed to help you go to sleep in 120 seconds. It comes from the book 'Relax and Win: Championship Performance' - why not give it a try and let me know how you get on?