Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Try the ESquared fitness app with 15% off!

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Make your workout work for you
I recently gave up my gym membership. Not because I wasn't using it - but because I began to find the process of booking classes and attending - frustrating (waiting lists, crowded car parks, territorial gym users...). Because I'd been there so many years I also felt I'd fallen into a workout rut, so I was turning up, but not giving it my all. The move gave me an opportunity to take a good look around at the gym and workout options now available - and things have really changed since I took up that membership out more than five years ago!

There are tons more exciting classes and places to go than ever before - and whole lot more flexibility available now too. If you're in need of a workout shake up - or have found your daily routine changed, the popular way to get your exercise fix is now pay-as-you-go. And ESquared is a new app that works as a one-stop-shop for gyms and studio classes all across London. Is it for you?

How does it work?

Signing up to ESquared is easy - you simply head on over to the ESquared website, the Apple App store or Google Play and download the app. Then you register, add some credit to your account and you're good to go. The app allows you to search by location, time and date - and there's a filter option for the type of facilities you're after too - even including free towels and wifi! 

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Use the gym floor - or book a class
You can learn more about each class with a simple tap on the screen that shows details about the venue and location, the instructor and class duration - and there's an option to email the gym if you need to ask anything else.

You tap to confirm your booking - and everything is saved in the app for you. You're supplied with a code to show when you turn up (don't worry that's save din the app too!), and you can set notifications to remind you when your class is, checking your booked classes and credits at any time.

You can also add sessions to your favourites and use a feedback option. The benefit is that this one app keeps track of your sessions across multiple venues, avoiding the need to go back and forth between several booking procedures (or just trying to remember where you are supposed to be in your head!).

Would it work for me?

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Find the facilities you fancy
If you travel regularly with work, wish you could sometimes workout near your office instead of, or as well as your home, or work shift patterns - ESquared is perfect. This is because, rather than having your gym membership tied up in one place, you have the flexibility of finding a class or gym floor that fits your schedule on that day - wherever you may be at whatever time. 

It's also a great way to try new classes and venues without having to commit to a course or a membership that you might not use  long term - and a way to make sure you're not cruising through classes you've become a regular at without really challenging yourself. 

You can try everything from aerial hoop to power ride classes - as well as fit in firm favourites like gym floor sessions and HIIT training. Popular gyms that subscribe to the service include Urban Fitness, H2 Bike Run, Soho Gyms and many of the fitness floors attached to hotels. 

My experience - and your discount code

I was able to try out the app - and loved the new found sense of freedom it gave me flitting between new locations and classes. I tried a circuits class, some Box Fit and an aqua session. I was able to fit the sessions into the middle of the day - which is when my old gym suffered from a lack of cardio classes - and which is currently the only time I'm free. I used the map option to locate the outlets - and breezed in with a booking code supplied via the app. I found the instructors and other attendees friendly - as the concept of pay-as-you-go is now so readily accepted. And, perhaps most importantly, the classes definitely gave me a good workout - challenging me to use completely different muscles to those I'd been working the same way for years.

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What are you 'weighting' for?!
As with most apps, signing up to ESquared is free - so you can have a look at the app to see if you fancy it completely risk free. And as an added bonus you can get a 15% discount using this code: SMITHH15. You really have nothing to lose - and everything to gain!!!

The best things in life are free - but all the rest costs money. So I can pay my bills, I accept sponsored posts and advertising. This post is sponsored, although all opinions are my own and as honest as your workout is long.


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