Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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Make your workout work for you
I recently gave up my gym membership. Not because I wasn't using it - but because I began to find the process of booking classes and attending - frustrating (waiting lists, crowded car parks, territorial gym users...). Because I'd been there so many years I also felt I'd fallen into a workout rut, so I was turning up, but not giving it my all. The move gave me an opportunity to take a good look around at the gym and workout options now available - and things have really changed since I took up that membership out more than five years ago!

There are tons more exciting classes and places to go than ever before - and whole lot more flexibility available now too. If you're in need of a workout shake up - or have found your daily routine changed, the popular way to get your exercise fix is now pay-as-you-go. And ESquared is a new app that works as a one-stop-shop for gyms and studio classes all across London. Is it for you?