Monday, 4 December 2017

Pre- and post-party pampering

party, pamper, christmas
Christmas comes but once a year-
so make sure you're ready to enjoy it!
You can't beat the season of goodwill for some ace party invites - but rich food, late nights and one too many festive tipples can leave you feeling far from jolly.

If you'd like to redress the balance, here's some great ways to prep (and recover) from all that festive fun...

Follow your gut

healthy gut, flora, probiotic, party, tummy, bloating
Keep your tummy happy -
choose a supplement with live cultures
A mix of big meals and alcohol can play havoc with your tummy - upsetting the balance between the 'good' and 'bad' bacteria.

Usually the good bacteria helps move food through your gut, preventing bloating, pain and problems, ummm, poo-ing. A supplement that contains live cultures can replace the helpful bacteria so your digestive system can get back on track.

A good idea throughout the party season is to take a daily supplement like Biotic Balance Ultimate Flora from Bioglan, which contains four live species in a one-a-day capsule that you take with a cold drink. And no, I don't think Prosecco counts.

Drop the chemicals

skincare, natural, cruelty-free, sensitive skin, eczema
Treat your skin kindly over the party season
Late nights, winter weather and central heating can dehydrate your skin, making it itchy and more prone to eczema and allergies (and it don't half ruin seasonal selfies too!). Rather than lathering on tons of chemicals this Christmas, treat your skin to products that are free of modern-day nasties like SLS, parabens and fragrance. Purepotions is a petrochemical-free range specifically designed to provide intensive nourishment  made using only natural, raw ingredients that are so gentle you can use them anywhere on the body - right from six weeks of age!

The cruelty-free range offers everything from lip balm and deodorant to facial, scalp and cleansing oils to moisturisers, hair products and hand cream.

And remember, wearing your make up to bed (however tired you are!) can encourage spots, dry out our skin and make you look older, so try the rosehip and calendula cleansing oil to gently lift everything off.

Don't lose, just snooze

sleeping, rest, relax, eye mask, bedtime, insomnia
Take a break - have a power nap!
Napping isn't just for babies - even NASA recommends them to its pilots to improve performance and alertness! So, when all the festivities have left you feeling sleepy but you know there's another carol concert, office party and family get together ahead of you - try and sneak in a daytime snooze.

Advice  varies about the length of naps but around 20 minutes seems to give you a boost without making you groggy. Other advice suggests necking a strong coffee before your nap to add to the effect. And try a Bedtime Bliss eye mask to really shut out the daylight - they fit all the contours of your face but are supper soft.


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