Monday, 11 September 2017

Stay safe in winter sun

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Pop your fave SPF cream into the canister
& away you go
Right now our early summer heatwave and beach holidays seem a distant memory. But if you're missing the sunshine there's always the chance of an Indian Summer - or maybe even a little bit of a winter sun or a ski vacay snuck in over the half term and Christmas breaks. If that's the case, you'll need my latest 'new product find' - the Solar Buddies roll-on, child friendly, less-mess sunscreen applicator (thankfully a lot easier to use than adequately describe in just one breath!).

Devised by fellow mums Kelli Aspland and Laura Griffin, Solar Buddies are the antidote to squirming kids that hate having SPF slathered over them - or those that diligently take a tube of sunscreen to school in their bag, and leave it there untouched! Which is most of them - am I right?

The nifty little device allows children (and anyone really!) to apply sun protection easily themselves - making it far more likely to become a healthy habit. It's so easy and portable - it's also the ideal way to ensure that children stay protected from the sun when they are away from their parents' beady eyes, whether than be during school hours, on holiday or when our unpredictable British weather suddenly gives us a burst of Vitamin D!

Make like a boy scout - be prepared!

Kelli and Laura also have some general sun safe advice to impart too - including the need to apply cream 15 to 20 minutes before heading outside and to reapply SPF protection every two hours on sunny days. They also point out that The British Association of Dermatologists recommends that 36 grams of sunscreen (six full teaspoons - eek!) is the minimum amount we should be applying to ourselves and our families before heading out in the sun.

So, be prepared for all the eventualities - pop Solar Buddies into your suitcase or their school bag and be ready whenever the sun comes out!

You can order Solar Buddies here (£8.50) or buy through any JoJo Maman Bebe stores (and online).

Disclaimer: You know the drill - Kelli & Laura let me have one of the applicators for free - you know - to test it out!!!! 


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