Thursday, 7 September 2017

Pilates in Motion!

pilates, workout, weight loss, cardio
Pilates + cardio =
an all round workout!
If you're a fan of Pilates but would like to take your routine up a notch, the new DVD from Caroline Sandry, is for you. 'Pilates in Motion' gets you up off your mat (although don't chuck it just yet, you'll need it for a few of the exercises!) and artfully combines the benefits of both Pilates and walking (and a little bit of jogging too if you fancy it) to improve your posture, burn calories and shape up. 

Model turned Pilates trainer and TV presenter, Caroline loves Pilates because of the way it offers conditioning and balancing for the body, but appreciates how important it is we move our bodies more (think reaching that 10,000 steps per day  target) - and use resistance training to stay healthy, strong and flexible. So she got to work applying the principles of Pilates to walking and movement - creating an all-round workout you can do at home. 

So of course I was happy to try it out...

Zone out

The foundation of the DVD is three 20-minute routines that each target a different body zone - one for the upper body, one for the lower body and one for the core. The routines can be used separately - or one after the other - depending on the time you have available - or as a supplement to workouts you may have already done that day. The routines use the principles of Pilates and combines them with the benefits of cardio. Each section has a warm up and cool down - and there's reminders on how to keep good form throughout. There's an added tutorial section on the DVD with some tips on general posture too. You'll still need your trainers and a decent bra too - this isn't a gentle mat class!

The workout for the upper body focuses on toning your arms, shoulders and back with extra attention being paid to your posture. Caroline incorporates classic arm exercises that can be done with weights or without to tighten the muscles all while keeping those legs moving and increasing your step count. I can personally vouch for the tricep bits hitting the target (ouch!). 

pilates, workout, weight loss, cardio
A 'pick and mix' approach 

Expect to work

The lower body routine combines moves such as squats, high knees, lunges and leg lifts - and is high energy in some parts (variations for all levels are supplied) - and you're encouraged to 'travel' to use the space you have available - I'm not afraid to admit that I had a good little boogie when Caroline suggested a little free styling (blame the funky background music!). Expect the big muscles in your legs and backside to feel the workout. 

In the core routine the focus is obviously on the abs and tummy area. Lots of the moves are carried out in an upright position - and that includes crunches and some boxing moves - great if you really don't like endless sit ups (that's everyone - right?). There's also some roll downs and plank-based exercises with some deep core work performed on the mat. Again, throughout the section Caroline reminds you on how to keep your body and spine in the optimum position.

So, if you're looking for a flexible routine that you can do at home, this DVD is a good choice. It's not  hardcore but it will get your heart rate up, burn calories and tone your body. The 'pick and mix' format is also a good way to get extra workouts into your busy day. And your step counter won't know what has hit it!

'Pilates in Motion' by Caroline Sandry is available on Amazon for £9.95.

Disclaimer: Caroline kindly sent me a free copy of her DVD to try (well, it would be pretty impossible for me to review it otherwise!!!). 


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