Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How to foolproof your NY resolutions

Let nutritionist Zoe Martin
help you reach your goals in 2017.
Yikes! Figures show that over 500 thousand of those who make New Year resolutions will have broken them by the 2nd of January! And even if you have stood firm for the first few days of the month, motivation often wanes by the last Friday in January, with just eight percent of people actually succeeding with their resolution by the end of the year. Since about half of NY promises relate to health and exercise, it's important that we learn just where we are all going wrong if we want to have a happy and healthy 2017!

Baby steps

Zoe Martin is a nutritionist at Discount Supplements. She believes success is all about goal setting - breaking down that ultimate aim into smaller steps - which will get you over that hurdle of one big challenge seeming so overwhelming that you give up all too easily. For example, if you want to lose three stone in 2017, Zoe suggests setting yourself a target weight to lose over the course of each month, and aiming to reach smaller targets in between (such as going to the gym twice a week or not eating takeaways). With this method you're allowing yourself small - and motivating - wins that will help you make progress in the long term. Which is exactly what you need!

Zoe has some other top tips to help you too:

1. Be realistic

Be realistic about the resolutions you set yourself. If you can actually see yourself achieving them then it is more likely that you will stick to them.

2. Make it measurable

Make sure you can measure your progress towards your goal, then you know if you're reaching your target, which is incredible motivating. This means you will need to be specific about the terms of your resolution - use set time periods or a set weight to reach. 

3. Kick out doubt

Really believe you can do this - self-doubt leads to complacency and that can make you give up. Use a visual reminder to keep your morale boosted - like sticking a written list your goal/s up where you can easily see them.

4. Short and sweet

Long-term goals can be very difficult to stick too - because they require so much time to achieve them. Instead of thinking about giving something up for a year, go for six weeks first - then add on extra time targets as you go.

5. Keep adding

To keep the momentum up remember to keep adding small challenges to your goal. It could be simply adding an extra five minutes to your workout or not checking your social media accounts until the evening.

6. Bag a buddy

working towards your goal with a friend can help keep both of you on track. The buddy system means you are less likely to let each other down when motivation is low. 

Good luck with your goals!


  1. I have managed to rope in my whole team in work and split the cost of a personal trainer! :D Hope it works! x

    1. That sounds fab! Keeps the costs down but the motivation up. Good luck!

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