Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Play the game!

There's only a few days left of 'normality' before the school holidays start and Christmas and New Year celebrations kick in big time - and you may be wondering how to keep on track with your workouts. Well, you have several options - including joining an online gym (for free at the moment!) and getting your family involved in fitness. can play Bingo. Yes, that's right Christmas Bingo - with added oomph. Only you won't be needing a pen...

Bingo with a twist

So, Christmas is full of traditions. Maybe you gather round the telly for the Queen's speech at your house - or maybe you love to watch the annual Eastenders drama unfold. Perhaps Uncle Kevin always overdoes the eggnog, while Grandad can't be left alone with the box of SHARING chocolates! Either way, traditionally, we inevitably end up spending a lot of time on our backsides. Which if you've eaten your own weight in roast potatoes just isn't good.

Enter Paddy Power Bingo, with my little extras. Use the Bingo card below as your new personal trainer. Every time you spot something on the top line it's five star jumps, the second line, five squats, if you can cross something off on the third line it's five press ups, on the fourth line five burpees - and if you see something from the last line then it's five crunches. Don't keep the game all to yourself though - let the whole family join in - or for more fun - play it as a game where if you spot the item you can nominate the person who does the set.