Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Why you need to know about rose-hips!

joint health, rose-hips, natural, supplements
Rich in compounds that could offer relief from aches and pains
Last year a 92-year-old became the oldest woman to complete a marathon, not bad for someone you'd typically expect to be sat in a chair knitting bootees! And while there's no doubt that as we get older exercise can feel harder, increasingly evidence shows it's important to long-term health and happiness that you continue to workout as you age. 

But what about all those aches and pains that we might experience - is that a sign we should sit out our next run or cut class? Absolutely not - because if you want to keep moving, you have to keep moving! Which is why you need to know about GOPO...

I'm on trial

GOPO® Joint Health is a natural supplement made from 100 per cent specially-cultivated rose-hip. Rose-hips just happen to be one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C, to the extent that when there was a UK shortage of citrus fruits during world war II, the British government organised the harvesting of rose-hips as a substitute. Thus a generation of children grew up with a daily spoonful of rose-hip syrup.

joint health, rose-hips, natural, supplements
A 12-week trial could help arthritis and joint pain
Rose-hips also contain other vitamins, pectin, tannins, flavonoids, carotenoids, and galactolipids - and it's these last compounds - found in cell membranes - that have formed the basis of a number of different studies. 

One particular galactolipid, 'GOPO', has been subject of considerable research, and it is thought that it might play a valuable role in the care of joints and joint tissues.

The GOPO® Joint Health supplement is the only product of its kind to contain a high level of GOPO, and its anti-inflammatory properties have been investigated in numerous clinical studies with sufferers of arthritis and joint pain. 

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

Which is where I come in. I'm trialling the supplement for 12 weeks to see if the pain I feel in my left knee can be improved. I also occasionally suffer from shoulder issues as well, and at times can feel my rotator cuff move like a ratchet when I pull down weights. I'll be interested to see if these little niggles can be improved by taking a regular supplement.

I'll be updating the blog with my progress during the course - and also at the end.

*Please note it is recommended that you check with your GP or pharmacist before starting any new supplement.