Monday, 28 November 2016

Summer bodies are made in winter!

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Bring a little bit of Brazil into your life
The heatwave of summer 2016 sure seems a long time ago - and at this time of year it's hard not to retreat under a layer of winter woolies and hit the Christmas cheer that bit too hard. But summer bodies are made in winter and you can rekindle a bit of the carnival that was the 2016 Rio Olympics by signing up to the new Brazilian fitness classes brought to you by Corpão Fitness.

A sassy fusion of barre, burn and flow classes designed to tone and create curves (in all the right places), Corpão roughly translates to 'amazing body' in Brazilian Portuguese, and shuns extreme dieting, running or excessive lifting. Instead the focus is on fun - working out to  infectious Brazilian music using a combo of HIIT, strength and conditioning moves. 

Sounds good - where can I find it?

The Brazilian fitness concept has been brought to the UK by Brazilian-American PT Chardet Ryel, who offers classes at central London locations (Fitness First, Energybase (UCL) and Grace Belgravia) with a monthly Curvebuilding Workshop series at Gym Box locations. Later this month classes will be available on online portal Yogaia too, opening the method up to everyone that wants to shake their booty Brail style. Check the website for full class information and other training services offered by Chardet.

beach body, curve building, brazil, fitness
Make your thighs sigh!
I've tried the Curvebuilding Workshop at Gymbox in Holborn – and I certainly felt my butt and arms complain the next day! The workout itself included some mat and floor work - with weights, stretchy bands and a stability ball. There were plenty of squats thrown in there! 

One of the best aspects of this class was that you worked with a partner for some of the moves - which added a bit of fun to stability and strength moves. Chardet was great at checking everyone was in the right position too. The next session is December the 11th if you fancy a fitness fix. 

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