Friday, 4 November 2016

I'm a rockstar!

online gym, home workout
Work out in the comfort of your own home
A little while back, people following my Instagram account will have noticed I spoke about the #JuliaBFit online gym, a virtual health club that offers workouts, classes, programs and coaching. I was testing out the 5-day bootcamp program to see how easy it is to follow and use, I even roped in my other half to one session to see how someone else fared.

Well it turns out the concept really works! The workouts are easy-to-follow but hard enough to make you sweat - and the usual excuses that might keep you from a gym class or a run just don't apply (can't fit it in around work/kids/other responsibilities, don't like other people to see me, waiting in for a delivery etc etc). My trialling of the gym - set up and presented by Personal Trainer Julia Buckley - was the starting point of a little project I've been invited to join - namely Julia's  Fitness Rockstars (or #Fitnessrockstars if you're a hashtag kinda person). 

What on earth is that I hear you ask?

A bit about me - and FREE gym membership for you

online workout, online gym, home workout
Workout anytime - anywhere
(even when your house is a mess!)
The Fitness Rockstars are a collective of people with a mission to make the world a healthier, happier place. We're not those super fit types that exist just to make others feel bad by comparison. We're the 'normals' that simply appreciate the fact we can move our bodies and what fitness and health has to offer us. And hopefully we can be twinkly enough to shine a little bit of light on others - and motivate them to consider their own approach to their health.

To kick off my 'membership' Julia has put together a little questionnaire for her rockstars, designed to let our audiences find out a bit more about our various fitness personalities. (You can track down other members of the collective by using the #Fitnessrockstars and #JuliaBFit hashtags across social media too).

And in the meantime, I should just let you know that you can now sign up to Julia's Online Gym completely FREE of charge  right now. Click here and try out those workouts for yourself!

How well do you know me?

Find out with these quick Q&As!

1. For me, fitness is all about:
Being alive! It might sound a bit far-out but when I workout it reminds me that I do have the energy to meet life head on. After a fair few years running around after my two girls I felt quite exhausted and was living off diet coke and biscuit breaks. Sleep deprivation and general parenting responsibility/anxiety is a killer, but it's important we continue to look after ourselves. One of my favourite sayings is: 'You can't pour from an empty cup'. 

2. I get most excited to do my workout when:
There's good music and I've got new workout clothes!

3. When a workout really pushes me to my limit, I think to myself:
I hope I don't scare anyone with my red face/shaking limbs!

4. I’m most likely to skip my workout if:
I have to go into school for an assembly, play etc - or we're doing something as a family.

5. In a group fitness session I’ll be the one who:
Starts talking to strangers to get that awkward pre-class silence out of the way.

6. The item of exercise equipment I’d most hate to go without is:
A supportive pair of trainers - I had Achilles problems for ages, and it was awful not being able to follow my usual workouts. I'd get run envy if I passed people running in the car.

7. The last thing I usually do before starting my workout is:
Go to the loo - I call it my 'panic wee'. It comes from once deciding not to go before a BodyPump class started, I was right at the front and realised by the squat track I had made a serious misjudgment! I had to pop out of the class between tracks, which I hate!

8. My top 5 workout music tracks are:
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
F*ck You - Cee Lo Green (must remember not to sing this out loud while running!)
Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon
I Was Made For Lovin' You - KISS
Glad You Came - The Wanted

9. If I start feeling meh about fitness I give myself a boost by:
Telling myself it's only an hour - and there are 24 in one day.

10. The most important thing I’ve learned about fitness in the last year is:
Vary it and stretch regularly to avoid injury. Yeah, I learnt that the hard way.


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