Wednesday, 12 October 2016

October's new product roundup

yoga, flexibility, pilates, stretching
The White Studio's flexibility wheel - put to good use by
brand ambassador Kiley M Letch.
It's about this time of year that my ears prick up a bit when I hear the word 'new'. New season, new range, new for Autumn. Obviously I'm thinking about what tempting treats and treasures I could buy for all my lovely family and friends for Xmas. Scratch that, it's my birthday this month - and I'm thinking about myself.

But seriously though (hey, I WAS being serious), this month brings with it a slew of new products in the health and fitness arena, so I thought I'd share the ones that caught my eye with you!

'Wheely' relaxing

technical clothing, base layer, winter, workout
A soft base layer that keeps you
warm, dry and comfy.
The flexibility wheel from The White Studio is a serious bit of kit that I can't help lusting after. It's designed to allow the body to curve around it in various poses, to stretch the back, neck, shoulders and limbs. The wheel is a fantastic tool for professional yogis, but isn't targeted at just at the yoga and fitness community. Regular fitness fans can check on the studio's Instagram and Facebook page for photos and tutorials for how to use the wood-and-cork wheel. Although already a 'thing' across the pond, this wheel is the first and only one produced in the UK. The individually-numbered wheels are handmade and built to your specifications. They also come with a one-year limited warranty and are tested to a maximum loading of 120kg. Prices start at £99. I can only imagine how it feels to drape your back across one!!!

The Xmas jumper I want this year!

If there's one thing I love, it's a bit of outdoor clothing that doubles as workout wear AND still looks cool. Which is why I'm always pleased to see the seasonal additions to the Helly Hansen collection, basically it means my workout gear can double up as dog walking and school run clothes! And right now the new kid on the Norwegian block is the ladies Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip (SRP £50). This is a base layer product that has a two-layer construction, using the Lifa® Stay Dry technical fabric next to your skin and a top layer of Merino wool - so as a combo it keeps you warm, dry and comfortable. 

Power in your pocket

energy, sport, running
Open sachet, tip back head & pour contents in -
you're good to go for a few more hours yet!
An issue I see time and time again on a running forum I lurk within (!), is the need to go for a wee on a long run! The problem is simple - if you're running a fair distance you need to stay hydrated to keep energy levels up - but if you drink too much you're going to need to find an obliging landlord/shopkeeper that doesn't mind you sprinting in to use the facilities - or find a bush to hide behind! One way to cut down on the amount of liquid you take on is to instead tap into the instant energy FireStar sachets offer. Billed as 'the smart alternative to energy drinks', the energy crystals fit in your pocket and you can take them before or during exercise to give you added oomph. It's basically a hit of slow-release caffeine and sugar that tastes nice (flavours include mint, cherry and cola) - and unlike those messy gels they are easy to digest (and each sachet is less than 10 calories). Obvs you'll still need to drink some water, but hopefully not so much that you'll waste time on a toilet trip and miss out on a personal best.

Lovely bubbly 

Let's be honest water is good - but it can be boring. And if you're cutting back on alcohol it's hard when you feel like you need something a little special in your glass (of a Friday night for example, when you have friends over or post-workout when you fancy a treat). Enter Aspire - the green tea-infused soft drink option with zero sugar and calories but lots of good-for-you active ingredients. Alongside the green tea, the drinks contain ginger root and guarani root extracts and multivitamins and is available in three flavours; Cranberry, Apple + Acai and the new Mango Lemonade (which was my favourite). Find them in Tesco, Holland & Barrett and Amazon. Finally a healthy and viable option when you fancy a little something sparkly in your glass!

skincare, spots, blemishes
Looking a bit 'rough'? This range will smooth out
the blemishes that winter brings.

Winter skin solved

Now is the winter of our discontent - well it is once the wind, central heating and coughs and colds get a hold of us! And the last thing you need when you want to be out enjoying seasonal festivities from Halloween to NYE is dry, damaged skin. So the skin-call renewal properties of the What Skin Needs range could be the answer to any blemishes and flakiness you're experiencing. Fresh out of Australia, What Skin Needs is a natural blend of vitamins and plant extracts designed to soothe, renew and protect. Try the Skin Balm for irritation from warm and cold weather, cracked skin, dry skin, and skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis - or the Hydrating Facial Serum, which is also packed with essential oils.

So, the question is, which item(s) do you fancy?