Tuesday, 25 October 2016

This one thing could make you look, feel and be healthier!

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Quit smoking - today!
Christmas is coming - and right after that a brand new year - full of hope and expectation. Maybe this January you are determined to start afresh with your health and fitness. Maybe you'll drink less and workout more. Maybe you'll REALLY stop smoking this time too. But why wait for another two months, when you could kickstart a healthier lifestyle immediately?

By quitting smoking you'll reduce your risk of cancer, heart attacks, heart disease and having a stroke. You'll also be less likely to catch colds and will be able to recover better if you do, breathing will be easier, your blood pressure will go down - and your skin, teeth and fingernails will all look better. And your lifestyle will improve - you'll have more money but no more worrying about when and where your next ciggy break will be. You'll find food tastes better and those around you will love the fact that you, your clothes, your car and your home have lost that smokey smell. You'll also be protecting those you love from secondhand smoke and give everyone that loves you a reason to be proud of you - not least your children. But exactly how can you do it? 

Here are 5 great ways to quit for good:

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

October's new product roundup

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The White Studio's flexibility wheel - put to good use by
brand ambassador Kiley M Letch.
It's about this time of year that my ears prick up a bit when I hear the word 'new'. New season, new range, new for Autumn. Obviously I'm thinking about what tempting treats and treasures I could buy for all my lovely family and friends for Xmas. Scratch that, it's my birthday this month - and I'm thinking about myself.

But seriously though (hey, I WAS being serious), this month brings with it a slew of new products in the health and fitness arena, so I thought I'd share the ones that caught my eye with you!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Do you need help with home care?

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What's the best solution to caring for a relative?
Last week the Office for National Statistics announced that a record number of people in the UK are surviving to the age of 100. While it's great news that we are living longer - and potentially - healthier lives - this leaves us with one major problem. How will we care for our older generations?

Typically just as your children begin to grow up and need less physical care, your parents become more reliant on you - be that because they have mobility issues, chronic illnesses or are just lonely with less of a social network around them than when they were younger, particularly if they have lost a life-long partner. However, you might live too far away to make regular visits, or feel overwhelmed with their care needs alongside your other responsibilities as a parent, partner and/or employee. If you have siblings and other relatives you might struggle to find a way for you all to contribute to the emotional and practical demands caring, and that alone can cause added frustrations. You might have already chosen to opt for your relative to live with - or close to you - but now find you cannot cope with their needs. So, what's the best solution when caring for a sick or elderly family member in a home environment?