Monday, 26 September 2016

MyShowcase: Your very own beauty edit

beauty, skincare, health
A range of products selected because they do 'what it says on the tin'.
I admit it. I increasingly find myself tuning out when I see new skincare and beauty products mentioned in print or on social media. I'm tired of seeing items promoted by people famous only for having a big bum or 'on fleet' eyebrows (funny my careers officer never mentioned these options...). And I don't for one minute believe that the reality star Instagramming a filtered pic of detox tea/teeth whitening/countouring kits has even opened the box, let alone seriously tried and tested the item they are co-incidently getting a fee to mention.

Partly, it's because my time in publishing has opened to my eyes to how brands 'encourage' editors to include them in their roundups too (big basket of freebies, cough, splutter), and it's also because I don't buy products tested on animals, and it's easier to stick to brands like Neal's Yard and good old Superdrug, which have always made a point of being cruelty-free, than to waste hours shopping for newer lines checking out their ethos and real provenance.

But perhaps I'm missing out? Are there lots of new ethical products out there I would like to try, and companies I'd like to show my support for? And how do I make time to find them?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Looking for a new family dentist? Consider this...

dentist, family, smile
Always be ready with that show-stopping smile!
Finding a really great family dentist is something that should be simple. After all, you just look for a dentist office that offers services for the entire family - right? While the process seems straightforward, in reality there are some sticking points to consider. When you do decide on a family dentist, you build a relationship that should be long lasting. Ideally, you want to visit just that dentist and build that same strong relationship for the entire family.

So it's really important to take the following factors into account....