Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Flower power!

flower therapy, emotional health, send flowers
As we head towards the school holidays, it's easy to feel frazzled by end of term chaos and upcoming changes in routine. For some children and parents it will herald the end of an era, as children move on to different stages in their lives - be that starting school, switching schools - or even leaving school for good. But there's an easy way to lift your mood, inspire creativity - and help you recover from dips in your health. A simple bunch of flowers! 

In fact, florist Flowers For Everyone have hit the nail on the head - a bouquet of blooms really can boost your health.

And here are just four of the ways foliage can make you feel good...

1. Improve your mood 

A study from boffins at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, showed that flowers are a powerful antidote to the blues. The research proved that flowers could trigger happiness, increase satisfaction and affect social behaviour for the better. The 10-month behavioural experiment showed that, when given,  flowers immediately brought out a smile across all age groups. The pretty posies were also able to have a long-term positive effect on moods, reducing anxiety and depression. The study even concluded that the presence of flowers led to increased contact with family and friends, and that the very places we typically put flowers (hallways and loving rooms) mean that they are used to welcome people to our homes and to share. 

flower therapy, send flowers, emotional health

2. Help you heal 

We often take flowers to those we're visiting in hospital - and it turns out there's a very good reason for that! Yep, still more research proves that plants in hospital rooms have therapeutic influences too. This particular 2008 study showed patients in rooms with plants and flowers needed less post-op pain relief - and that their blood pressure and heart rate levels, reporting of pain, anxiety and fatigue was lower than that of a control group (poor them - no flowers in their rooms). What a cheap and simple way to perk up a patient!

3. Balance your energy 

Chromotherapy (which is a posh word for Colour Therapy) is a complementary therapy dating back thousands of years - and flowers are a great way to harness the energy it is believed different colours can offer your physical, mental and emotional health. The theory is that since colour is simply light of varying wavelengths, each colour has its own particular wavelength and energy. Using colour can balance energy and influence moods and emotions. Typically, brighter colours - like yellows and oranges - give us energy while if you need to relax, softer colours and neutrals, are the ones to pick. If you need nurturing, experts suggest you opt for soft yellows and greens, peach shades and creamy whites.

send flowers, emotional health, flower therapy

4. Give you a lift

While being on the receiving end of a bunch of flowers can certainly perk you up - the act of giving is also a great way to feel good. So if no one has presented you a bouquet lately, go and give one instead - and get the glow by making someone else happy. The secret to the joy of giving seems to be that it helps you look beyond your own concerns, and helps you put things into perspective. You'll get an instant hit of happiness too - when you see how grateful the recipient is. In fact, there's not a religion or belief system out there that doesn't dip into the power of giving - and how by giving you are also improving your own lot in life. 

So, it's time to pick some flowers...and perk yourself (or someone you love) up!

This post was created in collaboration with Flowers For Everyone.


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