Sunday, 3 April 2016

My week in photos

This week has been a bit of a whirl! The Bank Holiday with a clock change and the fact the kids are off school has made it hard to keep to any kid of schedule - much less remember what day of the week it actually is!

Monday 28th March

Having a dog means that the whole family is out whatever the weather! A Bank Holiday means that all four of us can enjoy long walks together. At the moment the weather seems to change from one minute to the next - usually when we are out. We got caught in a shower, but the girls were delighted to see a rainbow.

Tuesday 29th March

Of course the Easter school holidays are a great time to catch up with all those things you've been meaning to do...since Christmas! My mum gave our dog an Xmass pressie that consisted of a cookie jar filled with the ingredients for doggie biscuits. All we had to do was add the eggs and water - it even came with a cute bane-shaped cutter. The kids and I ended up with three trays full of these biscuits - which Ziggy loves!

Wednesday 30th March

By now I was beginning to miss the gym! And since one of my children has a swim squad session at the pool of a very lovely private school near us, my younger daughter and I took advantage of the  lighter evenings to run around the on-site athletic track. We also got in some lunges, squats, burpees and crunches!

Thursday 31st March

On Thursday we ventured into nearby Henley-on-Thames for some retail therapy. We love raiding the charity shops there for books and teddies. We also snuck in an afternoon tea in Patisserie Valerie.

Friday 1st April

Like everyone else in the UK, the sudden burst of sunshine had me heading into the garden. I tidied up the greenhouse, turfed out the compass from the worry and despaired at the amount of work I need to do to the veg patch before it's too late! That was after I'd run the gauntlet of kiddie April Fool's ticks though, which included plastic toys in my shoes (ow!) and soft toys balanced on doorways designed to bop me on the head...

Saturday 2nd April

I spent some of today at a local protest outside a pet shop that sells puppies (more about that here). When I wasn't there I was fullfilling my normal daily chores of walking the dog, sorting out the mass of dirty clothes - and of course trying to please everyone with new and nutritional meals - which frankly can be a difficult task at times! My pasta bake however pleased three out of four residents! 

Sunday 3rd April

Early this morning we all set off for Windsor Great Park as hubby was taking part in a duathlon there. I love this picture as it shows the girls cheering him as he approaches the finish line.





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