Friday, 11 March 2016

Easter-inspired workouts!

Pop-up Easter cards by Yellow Moon
If you've spent a lot of this year, sticking firmly to the health and fitness goals you set in January, the last thing you want is to be scuppered by the choc-fest that is Easter! But if you use your imagination, the upcoming holidays can get you fit rather than fat. Eschew over-eating for these active ideas and you'll skip into the next season with a Spring in your step...

It's a race not a hunt

Why have an easy-peasy Easter Egg Hunt in your garden when you could have a tough-as-nails race across a local country park or a local woods. Leave clues in cute plastic eggs rather than chocolate eggs and time it to encourage speedy searching. Older kids will especially enjoy the competitive challenge. Set physical challenges along the route too, like pushups and star jumps if you want them to burn some serious energy off. This isn't just for the kids either, get all your friends and family up off the sofa and involved. Remember the reward needn't be chocolate - think about giving participants other gifts that will keep their mind and bodies active over the holidays - like craft kits and games.

Hop to it

Go dotty with an Easter-themed workout
Sticker art by Yellow Moon
If the kids are off school and you don't have childcare, carrying on with your daily fitness drill might be that bit harder. Instead of missing out get your kids involved in your workout - you might need to add bunny ears and a cottontail to make it silly enough to get them motivated initially but you'll probably find they have way more energy than you! Good Easter-themed drills include bunny hops (either on the spot or to a finish line or even up onto a box/bench), lamb skipping (with or without a rope!), arm-flapping chicken races and a shuttle run Easter Egg Hunt collecting 'eggs' to place in a basket (use balls), throwing in some burpees or squats to add to the 'fun'! Cool down after with some bunny-inspired stretches.

Play with your food

If you 'carrot' about your health - eat up your veggies!
Photo courtesy of KEKO64 at
Of course, staying healthy over Easter will also include keeping track of your eating, making sure the treats stay as just that. For Easter-themed food options consider boiled egg bunnies on a salad, flower bouquets made from fruit and every bunny's favourite Easter veg - carrots - in everything from healthier cake recipes to soup. Remember to make the most of seasonal foods too - over Easter you can expect to see asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, new potatoes, onions, rhubarb, spring greens and purple-sprouting broccoli on the shelves. All these plants pack a powerful nutritional punch - and will help you beat the paunch!


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