Sunday, 20 March 2016

Brush up on your home security

healthy living
It's time to set things in order!
Brace yourself - Bank Holidays are coming! With spring officially in the air and a few spare days at home, it's natural to want to improve your surroundings to give yourself a well-being boost. 

And there's no doubt that a spring clean can be good for your health - particularly if you have asthma or allergies. Everything from airborne bacteria to mud, pet dander and mould spores can accumulate while we shut out the cold winter air, so make an effort to throw open your windows and clean carpets, furnishings, bedding and curtains! But decluttering and organising can be great for your mental health too. first up it solves that frustrating problem of  looking for misplaced items! It also helps you focus on important tasks, by getting those smaller chores out of the way and thus relieving stress. And you might be surprised at how else a serious seasonal sort out can put your mind at ease...

Safe and secure

While you’re contemplating climbing the stepladder to get to those hard-to-reach cobwebs, scrubbing the bathroom tiles, or sorting through the junk left in the loft, the annual spring clean provides the perfect opportunity to brush up on your home security and make sure your house is as secure as it can be.

As March is home to National Spring Cleaning Week, an initiative designed to inspire, inform and educate homeowners, Yale has produced a handy Security Spring Clean infographic to raise awareness of the importance of home security in the run up to the warmer, summer months. As well as stats that outline how prevalent burglaries are - and how the improved weather affect crime rates - it also reveals just how many calories a good can burn AND just how much cleaning men do compared to women! (See those all-important details here!)

Simple home security additions can make the world of difference to deterring potential thieves, especially in the spring and summer months, when homeowners tend to leave their properties unsecured while they relax in the sunshine in the garden. But many homeowners just don’t know where to begin and can feel overwhelmed with the amount of security options available. 

But don't worry, Yale has compiled a complete home security checklist, shown below, to make sure your home security needs are met. Ticking off these items will certainly make you feel better - and as safe as houses!

home security, peace of mind

This post was created in collaboration with Yale.


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