Monday, 16 November 2015

Space hopper giveaway!

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Bring some boing
into your life

While we might have sneaked an extra hour in bed when the clocks went back, there's not many of us that look forward to the start of winter. But the shorter days and colder temperatures didn't put off, which last month distributed hundreds of space hoppers throughout London to brighten up people's day. This included instigating a 'bounce mob' of commuters and children in Pottersfield Park, who all enjoyed their communal 'boing'. Still more more space hoppers were handed to disgruntled commuters during the two-day DLR strike - offering them a fun, alternative way to travel to work (or at least just to bring a smile to their faces!!).

Live near me? Fancy a bounce?

But better still, there's a few kid-sized space hoppers left over for me to bring the #JumpOnIt campaign to Twyford (and Charvil and Wargrave!). I have two of the space hoppers featured in the video to giveaway to my local readers. 

To win one, just head over to my blog's Facebook page and leave a comment under the #JumpOnIt post. This time next week I'll pick two readers in a random lucky dip and you can get your boing on! 

Since the hoppers are currently in my house, I can only open up this comp to people in Twyford, Charvil and Wargrave.

Watch the video here...


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