Monday, 19 October 2015

I moustache you a question...

All hail Movember! It won't be long before we start seeing social media posts from our male friends and colleagues as they grow a moustache (with varying degrees of success) all in the name of male cancer awareness (and other health issues that face the male of the species). In fact, it's likely that one in eight UK men will be effected by prostate cancer at some point in their lives - which definitely puts your loved ones in the firing line. 

My family have been effected - and benefitted enormously from up-to-date research and treatment options. And last year a friend and I ran the Muddy Mo 10k - dressed as Frenchmen with stick on tashes (since you ask).This November, as well as the run events and the facial hair growing, the Movember Foundation is also spearheading the MOVE 30/30 challenge - which challenges people to move for 30 minutes for 30 days (moving more can help prevent cancer and speed up recovery).

One of the supporters of the event, Discount Supplements, an online health and supplements supplier, has also produced a handy infographic which highlights the six ways men can 'escape' cancer - simply by being aware and checking themselves. Take a look at the chart - and encourage your menfolk to do the same. It outlines exactly what to look for - and can help save lives. It's often a concerned woman that forces a reluctant guy to see the GP about worrying symptoms - maybe you are that woman?

Discount Supplements will donate £10 to Movember for each blogger that posts a website link.

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