Monday, 27 July 2015

Bendy, stretchy children for summer!

Stretch out the summer hols
Buy the book here

If you have kids, you'll have noticed how they can't sit still. And how they like to use the living room as an assault course. While keeping active is to be encouraged it can be a little disconcerting when you see your little ones springboard off the sofa. Bumped heads and worse are every parents' nightmare - and a trip to A&E pretty low down on the list of ways you want to spend your summer holidays. But if you want to keep them active without any injuries, what's the solution?

Smaller sister warms up...
My girls both attend a ballet school - and take part in an 'acro' lesson each week. Since I'm about as flexible as a Reebok Step, I truly have no idea how to help them maintain their flexibility and balance safely in-between class. Which is why I loved getting my hands on the 'Head over heels about...Gymnastics' book by Head Coach Gemma Coles. It's a cardboard, spiral-bound, flip chart kinda book - divided into sections, with stacks of clear images and lots of 'how-to' tips and insider info.

Each page simply flips up
to reveal the next exercise

How does it work?

The guidebook starts with warm-up stretches, and through its 36 pages, goes on to demonstrate posture and 'shapes' and takes budding gymnasts through jumps, skills (like cartwheels), rolls and leaps. Finally it puts together a few routines to try out and provides a judging sheet to record development. For an idea of the layout of the book - and a sample of the warm ups click here.

My girls loved testing out the book - for once when they pleaded 'tell us what to doooooooo' I could dish out suggestions in the terms they are familiar with. And as a parent I could make sure they weren't about to snap in two. Some of the moves even reminded me of the Pilates classes I attend. As well as being something your own kids can enjoy experimenting with, the book would work well for a playdate, park meet up or camping trip - in fact anywhere where a lot of energetic kids need entertaining at once. And there's certainly potential for a bit of parental participation! In fact, I might just pop into the garden with kids now and try out a 'log roll'...

Let's hope it doesn't start raining again!

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  1. The guide certainly sounds useful. My kids are a teensy bit young for proper gymnastics but my little girl is certainly getting more adventurous. I also share the 'how do you make sure they don't snap on two' concern watching her at times. I'm sure a helpful guide would come in handy in the coming months.

    1. Glad I'm not the only paranoid mum out there!!!! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Looks like a fun book - like the easy-to-understand picture instructions too! My son would probably enjoy this! A good idea.

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