Thursday, 28 May 2015

Glitter in the garden

There's nothing like a bit of fresh air to wear the kids out over the holidays. But sometimes you need a break from rushing around and just want to stay home. This needn't mean your kids must be cooped up indoors though. Try these tips to keep fidgety fingers busy on those relaxed days.

1. Use garden-themed crafts 

If your child is a die-hard miss or master maker they might be hard to tempt out of their bedroom and away from the sticky back plastic. Simply take your craft kits outside and let them enjoy their time with a bigger backdrop. 

You can catch their imagination by using garden-themed crafts like this gnome sewing kit. If the weather is fine they can leave their creations out to dry and decorate their garden play area at the same time.

If you make sure they have everything they need to hand - the kits are easy enough for them to complete by themselves. Leaving you to get a bit of uninterrupted weeding or planting out done - or to put your feet up (shhh, don't let the kids know!!!). 

2. Adopt a laisse-faire attitude!

Every parent hates glitter. But every child loves it. The good thing about letting your kids craft outside is that you won't need to b precious about the carpets, sofa or surfaces. This means sticky glue, splodgy paint - and yes even glitter - can be thrown about without the risk of a good telling off. Everyone's a winner.

Try these sand and glitter art sheets are a perfect to make a mess and a masterpiece!

3. Embrace their energy

Kids can keep you up all night - and still wake up with more beans than Jack and his beanstalk . If you've had enough but have to stay home (extended delivery slot anyone?), become an evil genius and let your kids' be the superheroes with these simple foam masks. After a little sit down while they put the self-adhesive sets together, they can let imagination run as wild as their feet - as they make-believe they are saving the earth. It's a well-known fact that super heroes love a good obstacle course around the garden. And they'll need to spend a lot of time setting it up too!

4. Decorate the garden

Kids love a bit of ownership - and I was always begging for a patch of my own as a child. As well as getting them into growing, letting them decorate a special area of the garden will keep them busy outdoors for hours. They can add to it each time they are out - and store treasured items such as all those shells, sticks and stones they love to keep. The obvious choice is a fairy garden, complete with little doors attached to tree trunks, but mermaids are another popular choice - especially for a garden by the sea. Another great way to decorate the garden is by making wind chimes or dreamcatchers to hang. Pretty ribbons, feathers and fabric strips are also a good option - a tree dressed by a child will never be overlooked! 
So now the weather's that bit nicer (FINALLY!!!!) why not let your kids get crafting in the garden. Less mess for you - and more fresh air for them - what's not to love?!

Disclosure notice: Yellow Moon supply the craft, I supply the kids. Simples.