Monday, 19 January 2015

Are you ready to raw?

Who doesn't like fresh veggies?
Spurred on by my addiction to Nakd bars, and my menu boredom that kicks in every now and again, I recently decided to dabble with some raw food recipes. Officially 'raw food' is a term that covers food that has not been heated above 48℃. Many proponents of this way of eating believe that foods cooked above this temperature have lost their enzymes and nutritional value and that food in its natural state is free from the hidden nasties that lurk in processed food. Typically on a raw diet you'd be eating fruit and veg and nuts and seeds, but raw foodies also use raw nut butters and milks, cold pressed oils, seaweed, fermented foods (like miso) and vinegars and foods cured in vinegars. So how do you get started?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Winter skin - what not to do!

Don't let winter ruin your workouts
Image courtesy of tiveryluckyat
I think we can safely say that despite relatively mild Christmas temperatures, the winter weather is now here to stay - at least until March (sad face). And while it's a great opportunity to layer on some snuggly jumpers and enjoy a roaring fire from the comfort of your sofa, no one wants to emerge into spring looking more like a wrinkly chrysalis than a butterfly. But harsh winds and colder conditions combined with central heating and even super-hot showers will leave your skin parched and prone to sensitivity (and make you look older - eeeeek!). So what's a mum to do?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Back in the saddle with Helly Hansen

In the continuing series of 'things my 8-year-old can do better than me' (cross reference swimming, the FlowRider and boogie boarding), on our last day of freedom/school holidays I went out for a bike ride with my eldest daughter. She's had a new bike for Christmas, her first with gears, and I've been trying to get out on my Pendleton I bought a while back but am daunted by the thought of traffic and (going down) hills. For me it's my first bike since I was about 11, when I ruined the 'shopper' my parents bought me scrambling over muddy bumps near the canal with a friend called Donna Gale. But since I can't improve my cycling unless I actually get on my bike (!) I thought the New Year period was a good a time as any to 'upshift' (that's a technical term - lol!) my ambitions! 

Having a child with you means that no one wonders why you aren't racing along at full pelt - and allows you to ride along the pavement for tiny bits when the road is really narrow (it's for her benefit you know - not mine). I chose a route that was mostly off-road anyway, and that I'd run along in the past - so I knew it well! In total we cycled about 7k, which was probably enough for her - and a good circuit for me to add on to as I learn some local rides. There was one tiny incline, which my daughter jumped off and ran up and then gleefully came down the other side at full pelt screaming 'wheeeeeeeeeeee!' and explaining that it's great when you don't have to pedal. Obviously I'm not allowed to jump off going uphill (and really it was barely worth it!) and use my gears and brake to ensure I don't go careering off at a speed I can't cope with (so any speed then really) in case I go 'endo' (look it up - it's more bikey lingo!).