Monday, 3 November 2014

The kit to covet

I don't think it's too early to think about Christmas shopping - well not when it's for my own Xmas requests anyway! So if you've made it to the 'nice' list too (I have, right?), why not give Santa some little pointers to make sure you look as good as you feel when you workout in 2015?

Charli Cohen at a recent pop-up event in Carnaby Street

The best of both worlds

Charli Cohen is a twenty-something fashion graduate and a personal trainer. Since her debut collection last year, which was sponsored by Lycra®-owner INVISTA, Charli has turned heads in the Brit fash pack for combining the covetable sports luxe look with practical and wearable pieces you can actually get sweaty in. Yup, look in the pages of Vogue people, her designs are there! This is the sort of kit that you should definitely wear to the gym AND also to the school gates and - for the purposes of this article - is quite possibly the reason that cool rhymes with yule...

The Gymtote - WANT

Bags of style

Are you familiar with the expression 'You never know what is missing from your life until you see it in a shop window'? Well, that adage certainly applies to the range of Gymtote bags. Quite literally I cannot believe no one thought of this before! The Gymtote is a bag that 'looks like a handbag, but performs like a gym bag'. This means that you can carry it like a normal, smart shoulder bag but that the cleverly designed zips open up breathable, wipeable, water-resistant sections that are perfectly sized to store your kit, trainers and water bottle - all separate from the areas to pop your purse, phone, keys and travel card in. And it won't matter if your footwear is muddy, your water bottle leaks and your gym clothes are ready for the laundry, everything is protected and neatly tucked away. Of course you could also use the Gymtote as a stylish overnight/travel bag thus avoiding the 'I'm a tourist try to pickpocket me' look on a city break - and the padded handles make it comfy on the shoulder wherever you are off to. Sod slipping a sable under the tree, Santa baby, just get me one of these!

Literally, it is good for your health to make this purchase

Liberté, égalité - just do it & buy them for me!

Who doesn't love trainers? For the gym, for your run and, well, for just about everywhere in between if I had my way. Not only are they far more healthy than heels, the latest collaboration between Nike and Liberty London has combined heritage and fresh fashion to put a stylish spring in your step even as we head towards winter. Whatever type of kicks you are after (high-tops, Air Max, wedge heel) the new range has the essential swoosh and punchy polka dots overlaid on the great British Belmont Ivy floral print you know and love. And since there's now a dedicated Nike installation on the 1st floor of the celebrated city store, you can combine a trip there with a tour of the bountiful Beauty Hall. Too. Much. Good. Stuff. Can't. Breathe.

Well that's me sorted, perhaps I should think of some other folks now...

How about you? What's on YOUR Christmas workout wish list? New trainers? A gym membership? Fancy Pilates socks? Don't ask, don't get - so leave a massive hint in the comment box below!!!

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