Friday, 10 October 2014

Ways to work out for George Clooney

I can see him!
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Right ladies, it's no secret that George Clooney has reportedly bought a house a stone's throw away from mine (if you're good at throwing stones that is...). So naturally we all want to look good for when we 'accidentally' bump into him (some might call it stalking). You might be rowing along past his riverside mansion (backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards), you might be casually perusing the aisles of Twyford's Waitrose - or you might just be enjoying a drink at The Bull in Sonning (every. single. night. if. it. kills. you). Either way there's no time for slacking 'cos Clooney's packing for Royal Berks.

Watch and learn

A quick trawl of the Internet has revealed this footage of the  man himself getting into shape for the 2010 movie The American. Time to drop to the floor for some push ups girls - and install a chin up bar like this one in your kitchen. In the past, George has been spotted working lycra on a bike in Italy and enjoying a spot of basketball too, and apparently he is a devotee of Bikram yoga as well. All great ways to work up a sweat in readiness for your personal curtain call. More recent news reports have suggested that just before his wedding Mr C was shedding using home exercise equipment however (which is no fun if he stays indoors - boo). And if it's in The Daily Mail, you know it's gotta be true!

If you want my advice you'll stick with rowing though. Any Hollywood celeb round this way is bound to want to enjoy the thoroughly British business of mucking about on the River. Henley Regatta will be a must for George and his-soon-to-be-ex-wife-if-us-locals-get-our-way Amal Alamuddin. The stretch of water outside the French Horn is going to become increasingly busy mark my words! And then there's running, because you know, you look really innocent just jogging along around fields and private roads, past security men and right up to people's windows.

Good luck!


  1. LOVE this - keep'em peeled... anyone seen my life jacket? :)

    1. Although, wouldn't it be good if you were 'drowning' and George had to remove his clothes (of course) and jump in to save you??? Go without the life jacket.

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