Monday, 15 September 2014

Six Habits of Highly Healthy People

Sometimes you look at people and wonder where it all went so right. Fit, slim, toned, defined, full of energy, healthy, happy - however you describe these people, they make having it all it look easy. What's their secret you ask? Luckily I had the good sense to get them to tell me - and then I wrote it all down. Read on...

1. Be true to yourself

'Don't buy into every article you read, trainer you hear from, or diet craze rumoured about' says vblogger Erica Lin of American Cheer Queen, since 'everyone's body is different, and everyone has different needs'. She also believes that just because something is 'healthy' doesn't mean you 'have' to eat it, and likewise 'just because your friends all swear by gluten-free or juice-cleansing doesn't mean you should do it too'. 'Ultimately' she adds, 'find what lifestyle works best for you - find something you enjoy!'. 

2. Make exercise a priority
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'The #1 thing I have my weight loss clients do is to make their activity a priority in their day', says Susan Campbell from The Weight Loss Laboratory. 'I have them do their workout first thing in the morning before the craziness of everyday life gets in the way and decreases their chances of exercising at all' she continues. She also recommends that they schedule their activity on their calendar like it's a doctor appointment. 'They see it on the calendar and know they can't break the appointment with themselves', she explains.  

3. Check your entourage

'Surround yourself with people who are supportive of what you're doing and also those who pursue a healthy, active life' recommends Eliza Flynn of Healthy Living London. 'If you don't have people supporting you, it can be an uphill struggle' she says, adding 'And those around you will inspire and encourage'.
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4. Love what you do

Jocelyn Delaney of the Always Beautiful Project suggests finding a few workouts you really love. 'When you can truly enjoy your workout and change it up every day you'll look forward to your workout every day and be more likely to stick with a regular routine' she says. As added impetus to following this approach, she also points to the results from a recent study from Cornell Food and Brand lab, which shows that if you enjoy your workout you'll eat less afterwards. Result!

5. Go Green

'One of the first things I tell new clients and those who ask how to start improving their health is to incorporate more whole-food greens into every meal and to eat greens first when there is more than one food on your plate' says certified Holistic Health Coach Carla Matthews of Grow in Wellness. 'I tell them to 'think green' and consider it the most important part of what you put on your plate'. I have a piece on wheatgrass recipes including a green smoothie if you're struggling for ideas.
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6. Don't just think 'calories'

Tom Bourlet, one of the three guys behind Muscle Over Mindbelieves it's impossible to really see results unless people work out exactly what they nutrition they need and how much of each macro nutrient they are currently consuming. Regardless of your aim - be it to lose body fat or put on muscle mass  - he recommends counting macro nutrient intake for every single food consumed. 'A number of people just focus on calories, but this is only part of the battle, unless they break it down, they are simply stabbing in the dark' he explains.

Caring is sharing folks, so if have any top tips for getting into tip top shape please take the time to pop them in the comment box below. I'd love to know which of the healthy habits you like the best too - and if you try and follow them yourself.

Thanks for reading
Vanessa. x


  1. Some great ideas and advice, especially the one about getting your exercise in first thing before the day gets hectic :)

    1. Yep, I always tell myself 'An hour's workout is 4% of your day'! Then it doesn't seem like much work at all!!

  2. Well, blow me down, I actually have 4 of the 6 already! I should be a normal weight!! But seriously, I've always believed what works for one person, doesn't work for another. I found a plan that works for ME, and if people don't agree, that is their problem and not mine. The diet industry is huge and their are plenty of choices for everyone.

    I have a daily to do list and when I mark down exercise as a "to do" it gets done and ticked off. I also make sure I've done it before 11am. I work from home, so I can fit this into my daily schedule. I aim for 9.30 or 10am most days, that way I know that it is done. I also only do exercise that I enjoy doing (zumba) because if it was something I hated (e.g, running) it would never get done.

    I have a good support network, however, I need to give myself that inner support which I think I lack.

    Thanks for sharing on the We Will Do It! Support Linky! the more support we can give eachother, the closer people will get to their goals xx #WWDISL

    1. Thanks for commenting - yes support is everything - whether that's from your friends or family - or from virtual buddies working towards the same goal that can really understand what you are experiencing. The diet industry is just that - an industry - so it's important that you are in charge!

  3. Great tips! Found you on #WWDISL looking forward to reading the rest of your blog posts ;-)

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