Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Seven days of summer craft

Yipee! It's the long summer holidays - time for you and the kids to kick back and chill out. Ummmm, except they're kids - they don't actually do that - they like to run and jump and sing and play and make and make and make. Yes, it's the loooooong summer holidays, time for you to abandon the idea of a tidy house and alone time. Thank goodness for craft supplies - stock up now and you'll stay sane until September!

Here's an idea for every day of the week:

1. Mini garden

Beach hut craft
Our school recently held a little competition alongside the Spring fair. The kids were asked to make a tiny garden in a tin lid using anything they liked, from lego to twigs. The results were amazing (I think maybe some parents might have helped just a little bit...) - with everything from dino-scapes to fairylands being proffered. My girls immediately set about the task (in fact only one had to, the other joined in because it was such a fun idea) - requisitioning these little beach hut money boxes as the focal point to their gardens. You don't have to stick to a tin lid either - you could use a box, a tray or just get your offspring out into a quiet bit of your garden to build the habitat (mine have spent the last few weeks building a fairy city underneath some trees).

2. A puppet show

Puppet show Which child doesn't enjoy performing a puppet show to a rapturous audience (that'll be you!)? But while the show may be over fairly quickly and simply involve lots of giggling and puppet bashing, the preparation can potentially keep little fingers and minds busy for a fair few hours. For the puppets you could use simple cardboard shapes, decorated by your child and stuck onto lolly sticks (or straws). The shapes should lend themselves to the performance of a well-known story or song (for the safari theme think The Animal Fair - for the farm animal shapes you could try Old MacDonald). Your children might also want to construct their own puppet show booth - with a large cardboard box and some spare fabric. And if you want them to practice their writing and number work, why not get them to make some posters and sell some tickets?


Bookmark kit

My kids have really taken to the 2014 Summer Reading Challenge theme of a Mythical Maze - and by the look of the library the last few times we have been - we aren't the only ones! To further encourage your children to spend some quiet time reading over the holidays, why not equip them with some bookmark kits. Relatively simple to construct - with self-adhesive parts (no glue necessary), the bookmarks are great for fidgety fingers in the back of a car - and simple enough for younger children to complete too.

4. Old magazine bunting


Some kids just love to cut up and cut out (and then leave all the offcuts all over the floor, oh yes, I'm talking about my kids). If you have plenty of old magazines, newspapers, catalogues or junk mail you'd like to recycle, why not let the kids make some unusual bunting for their rooms or the garden. Provide a triangle template for younger ones, or let them go freestyle and then use tape, wool or string to display them all. If you wanted to, you could even add some paint, stickers or glitter to 'enhance' the individual pictures.

5. Finger skateboards

finger skateboards

If your child really wants to be doing rather than making, long car journeys to the coast and meals out might be a nightmare over the holidays. But these finger skateboards can be easily decorated with PicTixx pens, some stickers or temp tattoos, and then played with in a relatively confined space. Believe it or not your can even download books about how to master finger skateboard stunts...

6. Suncatchers

suncatcher decorations

Who doesn't like the sun to shine over the summer hols! But that doesn't mean you or your kids want to be out in it all day, every day. When you want to worship the sun from the shade, try some acrylic sun catcher decorations. Colour them in with porcelain and glass pens and then string them up in a line at the window or from a tree in the garden to catch the rays and watch them sparkle.

7. Wild dreamcatchers

Wild dreamcatcher craft

If you do want your kids to get out of the house for a while, a good way to encourage (okay, trick) them into walking further than they realise is to distract them with a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items for them to find (four feathers, 3 twigs, pretty stones, some vine and dandelions or daisies) - and then take the treasure home to make a dreamcatcher. This could just as easily be done on the beach too, with some seaweed, shells and driftwood (probably best to leave the finished item in the garden if it has a seaside theme though!).

Do your kids love to craft over the holidays - and do you encourage them? Please share any comments on this post - and ideas for other holiday craft activities in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading

The people at Yellow Moon were kind enough to give me some craft supplies to help with this post (but we made the items all by ourselves!).


  1. Great ideas

    Thanks for linking up with the Parenting Pin it Party this week x x

    1. Sometimes the holidays seem to whizz by - and other days time stands still - hopefully the Pin it Party will help us all out with ideas!

  2. Some great craft ideas and lots that can be done outdoors in the sunshine too - I particularly like the bunting and dream catchers. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. Yay, long live the sunshine! I'm a bit worried though - forecast not good for next week!

  3. Love the suncatchers and dreamcatchers!

  4. Great ideas. I love the wild dreamcatchers :)

    1. Yes, it's great to make the craft idea last a bit longer too - by spending some time gathering potential treasures!

  5. Loads of fab ideas.We're going to feature this post this week on the parenting pin it party.

    1. Thank you for featuring me, I feel a bit honoured!

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