Monday, 28 July 2014

Drink up!

Of course, the best health drink there is, is good old water. It will keep you hydrated (the brain is about 90% water, the body is about 70%), flush out toxins and without it, you'd die after three to five days. But that's not to say that once in a while you don't fancy a little liquid treat to fit into your healthy lifestyle. Something tasty, that gives you a boost, maybe with some bubbles and ideally looks like summer!


And that something could just be a new all-natural energy drink called SUPER!NATURAL. Best served chilled, a can of SUPER!NATURAL combines fruit juice and caffeine extracted from green coffee beans. There's no added sugar and no artificial colourings to worry about, which immediately places it above some of the fizzy drinks or canned energy drinks you might be familiar with (and probably try to avoid!). Best of all it looks pretty enough to serve as soft drink at a classy gathering, when it's too hot for tea or coffee.  Cheers!


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