Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Britmums Live recovery plan

Now I'm not saying that the attendees of a certain two-day national blogging event spend their time eating, drinking and socialising to excess, but chances are by Sunday there'll be some bleary-eyed bloggers heading home from EC1. And waiting at home for them will be...a tired-looking partner ready to hand over the parenting reins. The questions is will us bloggers be able to offset the late nights, traveling, alcohol and rich food and take over our normal duties when the party's over? Follow these recovery tips and you can hit the floor running (alright, you'll just about cope).

Can't I just sleep here?
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The preparation

As sure as day follows night, Monday morning is out to get you - and if you're not up to the fight the start of the week will bring you to your parenting knees. Since the best form of defence is attack, prep for Monday before you even pack your suitcase for Britmums Live. Make sure the washing basket is clear, the fridge is well-stocked and that you have something healthy and nutritious ready to eat when you return home (freeze it if necessary - or hide it at the back of the fridge). Make sure there's milk, breakfast goods and anything your kids need for school (packed lunch, swimming kit, filled-in forms, recorder, homework - anything). Have it ready by the front door (and leave a note threatening to kill anyone that moves it or covers it up with something else).

Take two tablets and keep away from children - just like the packet says
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During the event

With great weather, a lot of bodies in one place, talking, alcohol and the sheer excitement of it all - it's easy to get very dehydrated at a major event, but lack of fluids can cause major fatigue and headaches. Don't drink too much coffee or tea (I'm not even going to mention gin) and drink water throughout the day. Likewise, even when you are busy making new friends and networking, don't skip breakfast or other meals (again, alcohol does not count as a meal!) - go for slow-release carbs (like nuts, oats and non-starchy veg such as tomatoes and cucumber) and protein, which will keep your energy levels high and keep you feeling fuller for longer - making junk food less tempting.

Oh Monday, nobody likes you 
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The aftermath

You're home and you're tired. First up, eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg to keep your vitamins topped up (you'll have them in your fridge remember, because you read the first piece of advice...). The Vitamin C in peppers and oranges in particular will help reduce cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress and energy slumps. And if your digestive system is suffering from the change in diet, it's time to get some friendly bacteria in your tummy with probiotic yogurt. Again, resist the urge to turn to caffeine in your time of need - it will dehydrate you further so green tea or water would be better. Try not to ruin your normal sleep patterns any further by risking a long daytime nap that prevents you from getting the early night you'll need. And to ensure you do sleep soundly take a little gentle exercise, try a cup of warm milk and honey just before bed and raise your pillow to drain those puffy (but very happy!) eyes.

Did you have a good Britmums Live? How did you feel afterwards? Elated, exhausted, inspired - or a combo of all three? Let me know in the comment box below!

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  1. 20 years of being a parent has hopefully taught me a thing or two - mostly as I'm stuffing dry Jacob's Crackers into a lunchbox without looking too closely and then shuffling to school hopeful I'll make it there ad back witho8ut dying. I'm sure next week won't b the most fun experience, but hopefully I won't be begging for my bed from 8am onwards. Some great tips - especially to get Monday ready before you even leave! :)

    1. I think parenting is an excellent way to teach you to harden up after a decent day/night/weekend of excess! What a wimp I must have been in my twenties, lying in bed on Saturday until it was time to go out again, without anyone bouncing on me, demanding food, asking where something is and practicing the recorder right in my ear... Look forward to meeting you there! Thanks for commenting.

  2. That is interesting about vitamin C combatting cortisol slumps! I'll try to keep drinking water in between everything else... See you there Vanessa!

    1. Glad to see there was a lot of water there on the refreshments table - and the cherries were great too. Not that that stopped me from also snaffling some cake. Good times!