Monday, 31 March 2014

Get Cracking on Easter Craft!

I know what you're thinking. Just five more days of free childcare school until the Easter Holidays. Your kids at home high on the thought of all that chocolate coming their way, full of the energy that they normally expend at the free childcare school. And it's you against them in the battle of boredom.

Time for a touch of Yellow Moon craft methinks. Things to keep them busy so you can still snatch some me time (be it a cup of tea, a workout DVD in front of the telly or some push ups in the playroom). And better still you can use these creations as mini Easter gifts for the family - or to decorate your home for Easter.

First up why not liven up your front door (or any door) with a Daffodil Wreath? This is great for concentration and fine motor skills but isn't at all messy as it involves peeling off of adhesive backing, some careful placement and rolling of coloured foam strips. I set my five year old to it and for something that was easy to achieve and glue-free, it is really rather impressive. I wanted her to use it in the Easter Parade at school as it is easy to carry and rather fetching but she was having none of it as she is desperate to fill an Easter basket with her own toys just to ensure she can sneak something cuddly into class for at least one day!

If you'd like to liven up your or granny's windows, why not let your kids loose with these Sun Catcher Decorations. The pack has six designs to choose from and they can be decorated with fine tip glass pens and hung with the supplied silver cord. It's simple for all ages to colour within the lines and the sun we've been lucky enough to have recently makes them sparkle. You might even be able to angle the window decorations so that you can get your kids tracing the patterns that shine through them onto other paper as an add-on craft (like this example on Pinterest).

The early start to the holidays, allows plenty of time to whip up some professional-looking Easter cards for the family. These Bunny Stand Up cards come in some pretty pastel shades, which one of my girls decided to mix and match. You can colour in the rabbity details with pens, pencils or crayons - and add googly eyes, stickers, sparkles and ribbons. My kids also insisted on adding some fluffy tails on the bottom (I think they just wanted to say bottom a lot actually). The cards come with decent quality envelopes if you plan on posting them.

And finally, why not get your kids scratching some Egg Decorations? They comes in a pack of twelve with plenty of scratching 'tools' so you could make this a group activity with some friends. Beneath the black layer lies a beautiful rainbow to discover. Older kids could carve words and messages, while younger children can opt for squiggles and spots. The hanging ribbon is included. Voila!

I hope you've found some inspiration in these crafting ideas. How else are you planning to entertain your children over the Easter holidays? Please share your ideas in the comment box below. Surely the lovely weather we had this weekend can't continue through an entire school holiday?

Thanks for reading
Vanessa. x

The lovely people at Yellow Moon supplied the items we used free of charge, but the kids crafting abilities and the opinions expressed are our own!


  1. My step daughter loves making pop up cards and ones that are a bit different, so I will show her the bunny cards tomorrow! :) Great ideas, thanks!

    1. They are lovely - bunnies are just insanely attractive for some reason. Is it because they are fluffy - or is it the ears? I would get a real one if I wasn't holding out for a dog (the two don't really mix).


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