Friday, 7 February 2014

Go Run (it's just what you need!)

Sometimes you meet someone and their enthusiasm is inspiring. In my case, this someone was Eileen Unwin, founder of Go Run and genuine super woman. A mother of 4 (including twins), Eileen loves the outdoors, loves to run and loves to motivate people to do the same. She's the person that gets up at the crack of dawn and pulls on one of her four pairs of muddy trainers, so she and her four-legged friend Baxter can get a run in before everyone else wakes up. It doesn't matter if it's wet, if it's cold or if it's early - for Eileen it's always a good day to be running in the Chiltern countryside.

Eileen Unwin of Go Run

Perhaps it is not surprising that Eileen is 'sporty' - her Dad ran marathons while her brother is a triathlete. Enforced indoor exercise during a stint in Malaysia further fuelled her desire to be back out enjoying the British terrain as soon as she could. Eileen is now able to complete a half-marathon in just over an hour and a half (putting her in the top 12 of female runners at that distance). And she even has plans to improve on that!

The sort of beautiful scenes Eileen comes across while out running (photo credit: Eileen Unwin)

Improving my running

But despite her amazing achievements and boundless energy, Eileen is not in the least bit intimidating. As she put me through my paces in our hour session, it is her passion and ability to encourage that shines through. As well as some basic running to check my form (generally good, although I need to relax my shoulders a bit), Eileen taught me the way to run up (and then down) hills, and got me doing some interval training (alternate sprinting then jogging), which works to improve speed, endurance and efficiency. We also did some walking lunges and squats together - as runners often use strength training to improve results.

Who could use a Go Run session?

My session was expertly tailored to my needs - I've been training for my half marathon for a while now, and distance is not an issue - although my speed and strength leave a little to be desired! And Eileen is just as talented in motivating and training complete beginners through to serious endurance athletes. She can inspire you to identify and set goals - and help you to build running into your lifestyle. Working within the Henley/Marlow area, Eileen is fully-insured, knowledgeable and always raring to go!

A bit of water ain't gonna put her off (photo credit: Eileen Unwin)

It is immensely satisfying to set yourself a goal - and then work towards and achieve it. I'm looking forward to that feeling on March 2nd (please, please no snow!). But never underestimate the power of two (it worked out well for Posh and Becks right?). Whether you are looking for someone to get you literally up and running or someone to motivate and/or challenge you to go that little further and that little faster, Eileen is the coach for you - Go Run people!!!

To contact Eileen, call 07855 717343 or message her via Go Run's Facebook page.

So, do you think a running coach would help you to get out and run? Is this the sort of thing that helps motivate you? Is there something stopping you from taking up running - or taking your runs to the next level? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments box below. 

Thanks for reading
Vanessa. x


  1. I can just about do 10 minutes in the gym but that's it. Once the spring comes, maybe I'll try to do more with the dog in tow (or I'll be in tow more like). Eileen and Vanessa - you have inspired me!

    1. Yes, a dog is a fitness commitment for sure. Whenever there's freak weather - out behind the new reporter there is always someone struggling along in the background just walking the dog...!!

  2. I love running. I've had the bug for about 15 years now. I am not very fast, but love the challenge of a run. I get a buzz from it, the fresh air, the opportunity to explore areas where I live that I wouldnt see if I were in a car. And, also as a mummy it gives me the energy to manage the kids!!

    1. Hi Mel, thanks for taking the time to comment! I agree running really fits into a mummy's life - as you often don't know when you are going to have spare time. I also find it gives me more -rather than less - energy - and I'm hoping that my girls will learn to enjoy exercise too. There's some lovely runs around here - although the flooding has proved to be rather annoying! Defo time to upgrade the running shoes to trail shoes...

  3. my fingers are crossed for 2nd March also - a dog show to run don't you know
    Bee Zee

    1. Thank you! Can't come soon enough now - all ready - got to hold my nerve (and hope that the floods subside, Wokingham half had to be cancelled).

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