Monday, 18 September 2017

Meet your new health philosophy - 'Lagom'

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I'm guessing you've all heard about 'hygge' (pronounced 'hoo-guh')? The Danish term was everywhere last winter and loosely translates as 'cozy'. It was even on the short list for the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year in 2016. It's also an official lifestyle trend that has been used to sell us everything from bedsocks to knitting classes.

But you can't spend your life sipping mulled wine and cuddling under blankets by the light of an Ikea candle (although you can spend some of your life like that) - particularly if you'd like to keep fit and healthy despite the rather early winter weather we're having. But fear not, there's a NEW Scandi-term in town - and this one might just help you with portion control!

You need to learn about 'lagom'...

Monday, 11 September 2017

Stay safe in winter sun

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Pop your fave SPF cream into the canister
& away you go
Right now our early summer heatwave and beach holidays seem a distant memory. But if you're missing the sunshine there's always the chance of an Indian Summer - or maybe even a little bit of a winter sun or a ski vacay snuck in over the half term and Christmas breaks. If that's the case, you'll need my latest 'new product find' - the Solar Buddies roll-on, child friendly, less-mess sunscreen applicator (thankfully a lot easier to use than adequately describe in just one breath!).

Devised by fellow mums Kelli Aspland and Laura Griffin, Solar Buddies are the antidote to squirming kids that hate having SPF slathered over them - or those that diligently take a tube of sunscreen to school in their bag, and leave it there untouched! Which is most of them - am I right?

The nifty little device allows children (and anyone really!) to apply sun protection easily themselves - making it far more likely to become a healthy habit. It's so easy and portable - it's also the ideal way to ensure that children stay protected from the sun when they are away from their parents' beady eyes, whether than be during school hours, on holiday or when our unpredictable British weather suddenly gives us a burst of Vitamin D!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Pilates in Motion!

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Pilates + cardio =
an all round workout!
If you're a fan of Pilates but would like to take your routine up a notch, the new DVD from Caroline Sandry, is for you. 'Pilates in Motion' gets you up off your mat (although don't chuck it just yet, you'll need it for a few of the exercises!) and artfully combines the benefits of both Pilates and walking (and a little bit of jogging too if you fancy it) to improve your posture, burn calories and shape up. 

Model turned Pilates trainer and TV presenter, Caroline loves Pilates because of the way it offers conditioning and balancing for the body, but appreciates how important it is we move our bodies more (think reaching that 10,000 steps per day  target) - and use resistance training to stay healthy, strong and flexible. So she got to work applying the principles of Pilates to walking and movement - creating an all-round workout you can do at home. 

So of course I was happy to try it out...

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Health campaigns that are here to help

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#OurSquad - getting fit in Wales
Women's sport is having a moment. England's female team have just won the Cricket World Cup and female rugby and football teams are finally getting some of the media attention they deserve. Just a year ago UK women picked up medals for sports as diverse as hockey, triathlon, boxing, athletics, sailing and taekwondo at the Rio Olympics. But it's not just our top athletes that are getting all the attention - there's increasing support to be found for the average girl and woman that wants to get and stay active in both individual and team sports.

Take a look at these initiatives designed to help you get you off that sofa and into some sweats, whoever and wherever you are. Which one is your perfect match?

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Snack attack

eating, snacking, ethical
Snacking looks set to stay
I was recently sent some rather tasty nibbles courtesy of Chika's. As I tucked in and, as is my habit, read all the nutritional info on the packet, I got to wondering about the concept of snacking. It's the norm now - for both adults and kids. For starters, my Insta feed is full of fitness fans logging demanding workouts and the 'fuel' that gets them there, and my children have a designated 'fruit snack' time at school. Is that a bad thing, or just the way we roll in 2017?

It's certainly fair to say, the idea of three meals a day sat around the family table together has had it's time. Juggling work with school commitments and extra-curricular activities plus making meetings and meeting deadlines has shortened the time we get to enjoy gathering en mass to - literally - break bread. Instead we're grabbing food on the go - and the habit of snacking looks like something we're not going to give up anytime soon. But do we need snacks - and are all snacks the same?

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Wargrave Wellness highlights

I've certainly felt spoilt lately - fantastic summer weather, a local kids triathlon using our fabulous school pool and a two-week festival in the village next door incorporating comedy, music and theatre (to name but a few!).

And as part of the Wargrave Festival 2017, I went along to the Wellness Night - which promised a fabulous evening of pampering, shopping and Prosecco, well who was I to pass on that!

It was a great evening, held on the village green in front of a church that dates back to the 12th century. As well as the opportunity for some treatments and mentoring, there were live demos of hair and make up, advice from experts in everything from nutrition to dentistry and the chance to shop for wellness products, treats and trinkets. Of course, steeped in history as this traditional village is, the world is now a global marketplace, making it easy to share the gems I discovered in the breezy marquee with everyone, everywhere...

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How 10 minutes of mindfulness can transform your day...

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Focus on your breath
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The most common thing I discuss with friends when I catch up with them, is how quickly the days go past. And parents seem particularly time-poor, squishing in sports day and parents evening alongside work and other responsibilities. Those little things in life seem to pile up - and you feel you'll never fit everything into the 24 hours that make up a day. Before you know it, you're booking next year's summer holiday and discussing Christmas plans. In July.

But, Surrey-based author and mentor Tom Evans has a solution for those of us living in fear of our 'things-to-do' lists. 'It might sound counter-intuitive at first but the best way to get more done each day is spend at least ten minutes meditating at the start of each day', says Tom. And here's why...